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World's Scariest Animal Attacks: 20 Worst Animal Attacks That Terrified The World

Lucas Ankunding
Published on 31 Jul 2019 / In Film & Animation

Animals are born to be wild. No matter how tame or trained they seem, they are still animals. When they feel hungry, panicked and distressed they show their animal instincts which help them to survive. So here are 20 incidents of #worst #animal #attacks for you which will remind you always to be careful with your wild friends.

Table of Contents
1. Andrew Oberle
2. Bethany Hamilton
3. Bryan Jeffrey Griffin
4. Carlos Eduardo Sousa Jr
5. Charla Nash
6. Dawn Brancheau
7. Elephant in Kerala
8. Fabio
9. Maddox Derkosh
10. Phil Bronstein
11. Phyllis Johnson
12. Roy Horn
13. Shaiunna Hare
14. Stephan Miller
15. Steve Irwin
16. Stray Leopard
17. Taylor Hubbard
18. Timothy Treadwell
19. Wes Perkins
20. Wolves Attack Zookeeper

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