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Who can love you like me
14 Nov 2019
Who can love you like me
Benn Jah Monn · 2 Views

Taho - Crystal Love // Lumina


Taho - Crystal Love // Lumina [LUMINA012]
Genre: Techno,Tech-House,Electronica,Downtempo,
Release Date: Dec 01 2009
Label: Lumina

1 Taho - Iulia Temple (Album Version)
2 Taho - Cosmic Voyage
3 Taho - Crystal Love
4 Taho - The Hybrids (Album Version)
5 Taho - Amarylis Sky
6 Taho - Amarylis
7 Taho - ****erfly
8 Taho - The Sun Star
9 Taho - Emerald Landscape
10 Taho - Lemuria Rises

Release Info:

After his releases on Ovum, Delsin, Fcom and his appearances on Ministry of Sound, Global Underground, Renaissance, Nervous Records and even on the last Buddha Bar, Taho returns with a beautiful new odyssey.

Crystal Love is a journey into electronic textures, soulful dimensions and crystal landscapes.

"Iulia Temple", "The Hybrids" and "****erfly" have been reworked for this Album which has been available earlier this year for only 100 downloads, reserved for fans only, and in a slightly different version.

Taho shows us again his deep Detroit Techno influences with tracks like "Iulia Temple", "Cosmic Voyage", "Crystal Love" and "****erfly".
The rest of the album is full of chill out and ambient references such as The ORB or Steve Roach.

Enjoy this journey into those luminous worlds that Taho always loves to take us to.

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Who can love you like me
14 Nov 2019
Who can love you like me
Benn Jah Monn · 2 Views