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Pet Peaves - Raise Digital Pets

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Published on 02 Dec 2019 / In Pets & Animals

I may sound old, but when I was a kid we had Tamagotchis – little digital pets that you had to feed and care for. Now, as technology has developed so have our digital friends. In fact, there are hundreds of apps with digital pets, but none quite like Pet Peaves Monsters, which is similar but much more fun to those old school toys. With this app, you buy pets and take care of them, investing time in raising, feeding, and playing with them until they’re grown up. And every peave is slightly different, from a dragon to an insect to an abominable snowman, you never know what you’re little guy is going to turn into. But once they’re grown up, they don’t just sit there, they battle other peaves by jumping from your screen to your friends screen to take on their pet. Probably the first time I’ve ever seen that. Now if you don’t have someone with the app, you can also battle on your own. And as you prep for a battle, you feed your peave mushrooms you've acquired with coins from winning other battles. Those mushrooms all have special powers like fireballs, ice breath, and gigantic growth powers. The game is fun, it’s got great graphics, and kids absolutely love it. A free Halloween edition is coming in time for the holiday, so download it today and watch for the update. To get it now, head to

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