No Shame in Menstruation : I Bleed Red

Published on 01 Mar 2019 / In How-to & Style

Menstruation is a natural phenomena occurring in all female mammals including humans. But, in India, we treat menstruation period awareness as a taboo subject. We never talk about it and we expect the girls and women to hide the natural symptoms and the use of the sanitary napkins.

What is Menstruation

The monthly, vaginal bleeding in girls which starts at the age 12 and goes up to 50-55 years of age. Most women do not realise the menstruation is a not a shame. Using sanitary napkins to control the blood flow from creating a mess is hygenic and recommended by doctors.

We live in a large society, but every month women are expected to :-

1) Buy the sanitary pads and hide it in a black bag - it shows the dark thoughts and notions of the society
2) Keep the pad hidden, fold and hide it in files. But the society can smoke and drink openly but we are unable to tell our girls menstruation is not a weakness or disease
3) Pay luxury tax for the monthly requirement which is necessary for hygiene and health
4) Be prepared to be shamed every month, even though there is no shame in periods
5) Keep quiet on jokes about PMS and mood swings in office

How the Period is shamed by popular media and women
1) In advertisements, the proponents of women empowerment show blue bleeding instead of red
2) In families, period pain is hidden as acidity

Challenging the narrow mindness of India as a nation!

1)There is nothing evil or bad in a women’s bag, it is the society’s thoughts that need to change
2) Let’s remove the black blindfold and boldly promote periods and menstruation awareness

Way forward

1) In addition to Beti Padhao and Beti Bachao, let’s add to the daughters dignity by repeating again and again bleeding is not a shame
2) In 2019, let’s promote a new thought and all men should become Padman

Period is a natural phenomena, Common India, let’s pledge to help our girls and women to stop being ashamed of this natural phenomena.

Menstruation is natural but women do suffer in our society because of the stigma. This is an effort to break the taboo around periods, sanitary pads by while encouraging everyone to be a Padman and respect women hygiene.

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