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Here Are 20 Tips For Healthy Relationships With Your Parents

Lucas Ankunding
Published on 31 Jul 2019 / In Film & Animation

Living alone is tiresome and boring. By taking a #roommate you not only get a roommate but also your #rental and utility cost will come to half. However, you have to be prepared to handle the situation because living under the same roof with someone else involves discovering more of your individual differences. So here are 20 suggestions for you which will make your roommate co-existence #livable.

Table of Contents
1. Address problems fast
2. Always lock your doors and windows
3. Be careful who you bring into your house or room
4. Be open to change
5. Be open to new things
6. Don’t expect your roommate to be your all-time buddy
7. Don’t go to bed angry
8. Establish expectations from the beginning
9. Hold a weekly conversation
10. Invite your roommate out with you
11. Keep your common areas clean
12. Lay the ground rules as early as possible
13. Neither be a borrower, nor a lender
14. Never eat your roommate’s food
15. Never share a space with your best friend
16. Pick a roommate who is your “financial twin”
17. Post a calendar in a common space
18. Respect your roommate’s things
19. Split chores fairly
20. Trust your gut

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