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Groom Kidnapping In Bihar | Unique Stories from India

Published on 20 Sep 2019 / In Spirituality & Faith

To avoid paying dowry, families in Bihar have taken to kidnapping grooms at gunpoint!

We've probably all heard of bride kidnapping. It's common enough in Kyrgyzstan, Africa and some parts of India. But did you know that in India, grooms are also kidnapped! The reason: to avoid paying dowry. And you thought arranged marriages were bad! Hear the stories of Rajiv Kumar and Anita Singh, whose lives were changed by groom kidnapping.

Beneath the surface lies the seedy underbelly, the black market that supplies our insatiable appetite for sin. 101 Underground tells stories of sex, sleaze, drugs, and violence. From militants in Kashmir to child traffickers in Benares, we interview the men and women making a killing outside the mainstream. This is 101 Underground.

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101India is youth focused YouTube channel serving entertaining videos trying to connect urban Indian audiences. 101India aims to give you a mix of humor, music, travel, people profiles, alternate sports and food. We believe in embracing our differences and celebrating them because this keeps us unique and diverse.

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