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Fan (2016) Free Movie Stream - Shah Rukh Khan

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Published on 05 Dec 2019 / In Film & Animation <br /> <br />FAN is not the greatest of the movies to come out in recent times andwould surely not even in feature in Best 5 eventual movies of 2016. Butit is the power packed display of skills, effervescence, energy,dedication, commitment, marvellous acting of Shahrukh Khan that whichwould always be remembered for years to come. At a demanding age of 50,his portrayal of Gaurav Chandna as crazy obsessive fan would surelyput many 25 years old to acceptable shame. <br /> <br />To all those who are expecting the movie to be humorous, funny and anentertaining, please do not expect such things to happen. The movie isextremely intense, thrilling and jaw dropping! <br /> <br />10/10 for SRK -1/10 for Movie script (They could have made it littlemore entertaining) <br /> <br />Final Rating : 9/10

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