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20 Most Powerful Weapons In The World

Lucas Ankunding
Published on 31 Jul 2019 / In Film & Animation

'Most powerful weapon'- Here the word powerful is very subjective. What makes a #weapon powerful? A weapon which causes massive annihilation is a powerful weapon because it creates fear in a prolonged and painful manner. Anything that destroys lives and properties is powerful. Every powerful country in the world is trying to invent the most #powerful weapon in history to destroy others or to protect themselves. Now here you can see 20 most powerful weapons in the world.

Table of Contents
1. B53
2. Fat Man and Little Boy
3. FOAB or Aviation Thermobaric Bomb of Increased Power (ATBIP)
4. Karl Great
5. Mark I
6. Maxim Machine Gun
7. MOAB GBU-43B Massive Ordinance
8. Monster Mortar
9. Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier
10. P-270 Moskit
11. P-800 Onyx
12. Pumhart von Steyr
13. RPG-71
14. Schwerer Gustav and Dora
15. Shabab missiles
16. Agni
17. The Airborne Laser/Boeing YAL-1
18. Tsar Bomba
19. Tsar Cannon
20. B41 (MK-41)

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