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20 Famous Dogs That Stole Our Hearts

Lucas Ankunding
Published on 31 Jul 2019 / In Film & Animation

You love a cat or dog doesn't matter. The fact is that dogs play a more important role in our life. Sometimes they help us in everyday tasks, sometimes they rescue us in need but the most crucial thing they gave us is friendship and #loyalty. No other animal is as loyal as a #dog. They unconditionally love their owners. Here are 20 #famous dogs those won our #hearts by their activities.

Table of Contents
1. 101 Dalmatians
2. Airbud
3. Beethoven
4. Blue
5. Brian Griffin
7. Copper
8. Lady and the Tramp
9. Marley
10. Nana
11. Odie
12. Old Yeller
13. Pluto
14. Rin Tin Tin
15. Scooby Doo
16. Toto
17. Winn Dixie
18. Hooch
19. Benji

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