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20 Alternatives To Burial And Cremation

Lucas Ankunding
Published on 31 Jul 2019 / In Film & Animation

When our lifetime ends we have to die. After death, the dead body is to be #buried. There are differences in burying rituals in different countries and cultures. Some of them are simple and serene and others are celebratory. So, for you here are 20 #Alternatives To #Burial And Cremation.

Table of Contents
1. Aboriginal Body Exposure
2. Alkaline Hydrolysis Resomation
3. Balinese Cremation
4. Bog Bodies
5. Burial in an old town in Bulgaria
6. Burial Tree
7. Cremation Art
8. Cryonics
9. Firework Funeral
10. Hanging Coffins
11. Human DNA Trees
12. Memorial Diamonds
13. Mummification
14. Neanderthal Cave Burials
15. Plastination
16. Reef Burial
17. Space Burial
18. Tibetan Sky Burial
19. Viking Ship Burials
20. Promession

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