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How Indians can Avoid Visa Rejection and Hit The Jackpot

Obtaining a visa is no less than a herculean task. Few years ago, it used to take a long time to accomplish the whole procedure and there was no assurance whether you are going to avail visa permissio..

Among the tourists from across the globe, Indians are way more enthusiast in exploring the Gulf countries. Dubai welcomes more than 2 million Indian travelers every year. But doesn’t matter how much voyaged you are, sometimes for a trivial reason we have to face visa rejection. To rescue you from such an unpleasant situation, there are many visa consultancy services available that accomplish the process on behalf of you and assures you to get visa permission without any hassles.

Let’s get to know about some tips to avoid visa rejection or delay in approval.

Mind the details: Some consulate ask for documents and completely rely on it to analyze the authenticity of your documents and the applicant doesn’t have to be present for an interview. Search online to know the documents required by the consulate of the nation you are visiting. Seeking assistance from Emirates Visa Consultant in Delhi is more convenient to understand the whole process and collect the required documents.

Provide as much evidence as you can:It is better to provide only the required documents. Submitting additional documents will not impress the authority. Nowadays, since everything is going online, so you need to submit the scanned copies of the document and if requires present them your return flight ticket and hotel booking details. Although, it is not mandatory to provide these additional documents, but keeping it handy won’t harm you.

Show them you are well-voyaged:If you have already traveled many international locations and your passport shows the same, it proves that you are a traveler having good travel history in many countries and you are a kind of traveler they can trust and you have never over-stayed abroad during your trip.

Before applying for a visa, identify the type of visa you may require to visit the country. If you are traveling to the country as a tourist, you need to apply tourist visa and if you are having business conference, there is business visa. In case, you are having a long layover in Gulf country, you can still avail transit visa that entitles you to go out of the airport and explore the city. It takes hardly 3 to 4 business days to avail a visa. To make yourself free from any hassles, you can contact a visa agent too.

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