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Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Vice Review

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Vice Review Will Gives You Details About all GTA series.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Vice Review

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) vice city is one of the most popular game and known for the most played games yet. There are no levels but instead, there are missions that we need to complete to get rid of burglars in the vice city. This has to be children's favorite game when it comes to driving because we can steal cars and can drive even We can ride a bike too. There are cheats which are available and are very helpful when you need to drive in the sea or to get rid of the police etc. Cheats are very important to have just like there are staples in every girl's closet. As you beat people you get their money and from that money, you can buy pistols. Even there is a way through which you can change your costume in a soldier, police or just a normal person. One more interesting thing about GTA vice city especially for car lovers is that GTA has animated cars like BMW, Ferrari, etc.

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One more surprising fact about GTA vice city that some people know is that whenever we enter any bank or police station so we are noticed to be a criminal and suddenly the police began to shoot us and in this case you will see cops shooting you but you don't need to be worry because we can use the cheats to get rid of the people shooting us. There is something very interesting about GTA vice city that we can load our games and I feel that this feature is not in all the games. There are so many adventurous places like discos, clubs, and bars and when you go there you will see all the people dancing even the police and I know that it sounds funny. There is something very interesting about GTA vice city that we can earn money by serving the people in the ambulance on time but make care that you should drive fast to get them to their place on time. We can also buy houses I mean how cool is that. And when you are tired of driving cars then we can also drive boats and helicopters.


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