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Five Common Problems Flight Passengers are Still Facing

The aviation industry has gone through many ups and downs and still it is considered to be the most convenient and safest mode of transport

Although flight fares are expensive and once was regarded as the journey belonged to the aristocrats. Though it still carries the same legacy, but with smart steps and various flight booking portal selling tickets in discount offers, helps traveler get the experience of flying high at a very low cost.

If you keep the flight fare aside, there are a few other things that need to be addressed by the airline authority soon. Since people are paying a hefty amount of money while purchasing flight ticket, so definitely they wouldn’t like to face an unpleasant situation during their journey. The airlines and the whole aviation industry is working together to provide the best services to their clients, but still, passengers are facing some obstacles, which must be erased soon. The issues faced by general travelers are as follows:

Delayed or cancelled flights

A train getting late to reach its desired location is a common show in India. But can you imagine a flight has been delayed or cancelled? Yes, it happens often and as a flight passenger, we can’t do anything other than complying with the airline. But unlike trains, if flights get delayed, there must be a huge security threat due to which the authority doesn’t put your life in danger and yes, you should be thankful for this. But do you know about your rights, when such circumstances come to the forefront? If the flight is delayed for more than 3 hours, the airline is entitled to provide you with meals and refreshment and endorse you an alternate flight for the same destination. If they are unable to do so, you are entitled to get a refund.

Hidden charges

Flight tickets are too expensive and next time when you book a flight ticket, be careful and analyze the sub-categories of the total fare. When you are about to make the final payment, you will find out that some additional charges are popping out from nowhere. So, it is always better to check the fare break-up to know whether you are paying for the right services or not. Search for budget air tickets online.

Theft and damaged luggage

Well, it is not possible to lose your bag while in the airport or flight. The check-in process of any airport is very tough and one has to go through a lengthy security check along with their luggage.  But what if you lose your luggage in airport? There’s nothing can be more embarrassing for the airport than this. Apart from this, it often happens that after your arrival at the destination, you collect your luggage from the belt and you find out it is damaged. Well, you will obviously get compensation for this, if it is the airport authority’s fault. But you can avoid this situation by putting valuables in your carry-on luggage and pay for extra amount to secure your valuable items.

Customer service

Though the airline crew members and airport staff are quite polite and assist you with all possible way to help you out, but in some cases it was evident that airport and airline authority still lacks in terms of behavioral affairs. Rude and uninterested staff can be a problem sometime. Delayed passengers can face unprofessional cabin assistance which will be a bitter experience for the travelers.

You have to claim compensation

In case your flight gets delayed or cancelled or you have lost your luggage or receive the damaged luggage after you handed over it to the airline authority, you can claim compensation, but authority is most likely to avoid this. So it is always better to know your rights and other terms and conditions.

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